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New Year’s resolutions and a guy named Peter

Many years ago, I messed around with a guy named Peter on and off for a longer period of time.
We couldn’t really figure out if we should or shouldn’t be a couple, and so one New Year I decided that my New Year’s resolution should be: “No more Peter ever.”

Guess what.

On New Year’s Eve, eleven minutes past midnight, I found myself clinging in a hot embrace with my tongue down the throat of… Peter.

It was at that moment I decided to drop New Year’s resolutions for good.
Ever since then I have been able to avoid having a guilty conscious for not being able to stick to my resolution.
I have to admit that I am easily tempted and that sometimes I’m just spineless.

This is not to suggest that I never make a decision to change something, because I do. All the time.
Sometimes I stick to my commitments and sometimes I don’t.
So, it’s a good thing that I don’t have to wait all the way until next New Year’s Eve to create a long-lasting change in my life.

Every day is a fresh start, so why put off important life changes until a certain time or date, whether it’s the New Year, next Monday, or tomorrow.
If I feel a strong impulse within to change something now, it makes no sense for me to wait until later to implement it.
The impulse comes to me because I am ready NOW.

I realize that my “Every day is New Year’s Day” approach goes against the theory that there is an energy shift that takes place around the new year, which makes it an especially auspicious time to let the changes you have been working toward throughout the year take effect.

But my inner New Year begins in September, when I begin to pick up on next year’s energy.
In the months that lead up to the New Year, sometimes I am not really sure if we are still in this year or if the next year has started.
(The same goes for birthdays. Right now, I cannot remember if I am 46 or 47.)

I have decided that my diet can definitely start the minute after I have swallowed the last piece of cake, and I can make a resolution any day of the year, even on a completely ordinary Tuesday afternoon.


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