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Practice makes perfect

A while ago I was invited to write my first article in english for the The Wisdom from North online blog magazine.

At first I was reluctant to take the leap into writing in english since danish is my first language, but at the same time I saw it as an opportunity to finally do something about what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time – Create a spiritual lifestyle blog in english.

Lately I’ve had a feeling inside of me that something new was about to happen, only I didn’t know that this was it.
In 2010 I changed direction in life and went from many years of working as a costume designer in the danish filmindustry to step by steb build a succesful business where I now teach feng shui to thousands of happy danes.

This summer I was supposed to peak by publishing a book about feng shui, but when the book came out I suddenly felt like there was something missing in my life and I was like oooh nooo not again!!
I thought I had it all sorted out, and my inner controlfreak was happy and comfortable with me doing my feng shui thing for the rest of my life.

But I couldn’t ignore the urge for something more that insistingly knocked on my door.
Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in all the miracles that comes with feng shui and will continue to teach, but apparantly The Universe, or at least something in me, wants me to expand (again).

And now my blog in english is here.
It’s finally happening and I’m really exited about it!

So please bear with my occasional “denglish” – Hopefully practice makes perfect.


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