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Where to get the best answers

Every day I practice tuning in and asking myself: “Will the plans I made take me in the right direction for me in my life?”. That’s not to say that I do not seek answers from outside sources, because I do (I’m not proud to admit it, but sometimes I do it more than I […]

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Anxiety, fear of letting go and being pissed off

Today I went to the hospital to find out what’s wrong with me. I’ve been sick all summer and now an X-ray examination has revealed a cyst in my bladder. At the same time a pain in my left shoulder is killing me and I also have a blister.

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Practice makes perfect

A while ago I was invited to write my first article in english for the The Wisdom from North online blog magazine. At first I was reluctant to take the leap into writing in english since danish is my first language, but at the same time I saw it as an opportunity to finally do something about […]

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