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Copenhagen, Denmark.

Loving mother of 3 adorable boys aged 12, 20 & 23
and madly in love with my twinflame boyfriend.

See myself as a lightworker and do my best to spread good energy wherever I go.

I believe that there’s more than meets the eye.
Numerology, astrology, psychics, feng shui, unicorns, palmreading,
channeling, distance energy healing, UFOs…Can’t see why not.

Spirituality and personal growth intrigues me and I’ve spend a
lot of time in therapy, seminars and training in that area.

It’s important for me to take good care of the environment and
treat all living creatures with the love and respect they require, including myself.
I exercise regularly, do not eat meat, buy organic when possible and sort my waste for recycling.

But sometimes I also find yoga boring, numb my feelings with sugar,
create drama, yell at people, buy something wrapped in plastic or party to hard,
just to mention some of my not so perfect spiritual lightworker behaviours.

And that’s what my blog is all about:
This crazy thing called life, with all its ups and downs.

Favorite subjects are:
Spirituality, the new paradigm, personal growth, aha-moments,
insecurities, love, relationships, kids, health, sustainability,
entrepreneurship, imperfection, successes and more…